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though a conflict of and exists, even prosecutors work under both governor mcdonnell and attorney general ken cuccinelli. mcdonnell's lawyer also dismissed shieder' snyder's cla the governor had used the mansion or personal benefit. bei >> that's the job description of the chef. chef. he is an at will 24-7 employee.. >> later it was revealed political donor johnny williams owner of a company called star scientific gave the governor'sns family expensive gift including $15,000 to have snyder cater the governor's wedding. dding and in it cuccinelli received gifts, that would damage ktich cuccinelli's, run for governor..
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>> cuccinelli has involved himself in a conflict ofonflictf interest that has put this casee at risk. >> reporter: the fbi is also al investigating on its own. mccarty who has followed the case, all this hangs over todd snyder current situation anduatd could have a major impact on governor mcdonnell political future. >> it's very bad news for the governor, and it has hurt his reputation already. the longer it depose on, the th more it's gsh goe -- it goes o it's going to damage >> reporter: the judge appeared unmoved by the defense attorney's attempt to have this case dismissed. she will issue an order but for now she is keeping an gag orderr that previously was in place. as it stand right now, this case is scheduled to depo to cour gon
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october. >> what the defense attorneys are saying is fronsm their standpoint they are preventerre by the judge's order from saying anything about this case, bute,u other figures have been making comments sporadically. governor mcdonnell and ktich cuccinelli says he has walledwad himself on the from thisis investigation. in a recent court filing, cuccinelli has separated himsel from this case. the defense attorney says that is not fair. we're not allowed to say ultimately the judge decided too keep her ruling in place, and we won't be hearing anything fromgh the attorneys today. furloughs started fromd from hundreds of thousands of defense department workers, more than 600,000 civilian employees, will be forced to take one day off, , which amounts for 20% pay cut. the furloughs were ordered to meet mandated budget cuts force by the sequester.
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ththe it's expected to save theh tax department 1.8 bald. >> michael kins bury was seenwa outside of his home on saturday morning. bob, what is happening. >> reporter: there's been aen major development in the last 10 to 15 minutes. 15 minu we don't know what it is, but police have basically blockedic off this entire section of west virginia avenue here out ine ou front of the family's home. they brought in a fire truck. we saw a helicopter a couple ofo hundred feet and we have seen aa lot of people crying. nothing officially from police,e nothing officially from any an people who have seen or found fd anything. we can show you as we look to the left, this is right blind b the police officers there's a family home here.mily there's been a truck, an mpd chemical truck in the back in bn the alley most of the afternoono and all of a sudden the hell he
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copper buzzed us and -- helicopter buzzed us, and the officers told everybody to keepp back a block or two, wet mediawe are being held back. we have a camera crew where youu see a lot of people there.there. we don't know what has officially been happening. people have been coming out ofc. and police are in at being backa of a family home right at mountt olivet.ivet. we don't know what is happening. this is the 7 year old, michael kins purry bur, the as to the ss that his sister 9:00, 9:30 saw9w him playing in the back wearingg a diaper and red t-shirt. he wasn't supposed to be out onn his own. o the younger sister went in and n woke up the mom, the mom wentwet out, and by the time the boy waa gone. that is the theory they were thy
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going o this hadn't been any sightings of him. police had dozens of recruits,t, firefighters on their own havene been here out in the last hourso or so. d.c. firefighters on their own w time looking and then at 5:45, 42:00 p.m.5:42, when all heck b we believe there's a conclusion to be this story and it does not look good, however, nothinging officially from d.c. police oncn this still developing story, laura, maureen umeh is here witi another photographer, and weotph will have the late ef comin latp tonight at 10:00. we know that the officers and the police department makesa available for us withwith information, have you seen a a site of possible information for the d.c. police. are they trying to get answers for you? >> not yet, because i'm sure'm u they don't noavment they are do the commandeer of the 5th5th
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district was here. he we had a captain that was here,e lewis douglas that briefed us earlier. that was at 12:30, 1:00, there1r was no new development anddevel nothing at 5:00, until 5:40 this afternoon. take look down the street, depend, they got the street blocked off and we believe thatt likely michael has been found and it's not a good ending butnu nothing officially yet. >> we will wait to see what happens as the story developments, we will check in later with you if we need to. bob barnard.ard. conflicting testimony knot n george zimmerman's zimmerman's father took thefath stand, he testified specificall approximate what he saiabout wh hearing a 911 earlier a sanford police police department testified that tracy told him he did not think that the voice screaming was his son.
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>> i didn't tell him no, that wasn't trayvon. the chairs had wheels on it, i t pushed away from the table and n just kind of shook my head, and said, i can't tell. tell. >> so your words were i can't tell. >> something though to thathoug effect, but i never said no, that wasn't my son's voice. voic >> a judge ruled that the jurore may be told trayvon martin had a small amounts of marijuana in his body when he died.died. zimmerman claims he killed killd martin in self-defense. we learning new details about saturday's plane crash creche in san francisco airport. the pilot at the helm of that th flight had only 43 hours of of flight experience on that planen two people were killed and more than 180 sent to hospitals. jocks' jennifer davis is live in -- fox's jennifer day si davis f in salivein san francisco.n >> reporter: while there were four pilots who were rotating
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during this 10 or 14 our flight the one who was controlling the plane. had more than 10,000 hours on on various other planes, including other 747, but he had never flown a 777 into this airportait before. >> what do you know aboutou kno reports that one of the two tw teens who was killed, actuallyay survived the crash, but was hit by an emergency vehicleergcy responding to the plane crash cr and that is what killed her? what do you know about that? th? >> everyone says this would be a heartbreaking development if confirmed. we know that the first responders appears to have injuries consistent with being e hit by a rescue vehicle. they did review surveillance video from the airport, to to confirm but it was inconclusive at this point we're waiting forr word from the coroner, an an autopsy is being done today. >> jennifer davis, thank you for being with us and bringing us us
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to day date on what is happening there are at sfo. we have the latest otters a heinz kerry. we do have a new tropical storm to talk b about. i will fill you in on all of the details,. you know who has a greatgret assignment is our girl lindsay murphy with the redskins neww training camp. >> reporter: sue, it's soe, its good to hear from you. coming up in sports, the washington castles ar castles ad for a redskins, and they openedd up their training facility in richmond. you won't believe what they hav to say about rgiii. that is as the news sports su at 6:00.  
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cast l 
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scare of state john kerry's' wife is improving. teresa kerry suffered a medicall
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emergency on the island of nantucket. we are live with the latest. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is at bostonon remaining at his wife's side since she became ill yesterday.t a spokesman for the secretary se releasing a statement after conducting tests overnight anden this morning, doctors at massachusetts general hospital has upgraded mrs.kerry's condition, from critical to stable. it's not known what caused the medical emergency, but she may a have suffered symptoms similarm to a seizure. the heinz company heiress met kerry, following the demise of his first marriage. >> she played a critical role in miss political r revival in many ways, i don't think he gets to
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be a nominee for the presidency without teresa heinz. >> reporter: the secretaryetary facing criticism for spending time on his yacht in massachusetts last wednesday, the same day that ne muhammad mi was ousted out of power. >> with egypt blowing up, and un this is add an added burden on his shoulders. >> reporter: secretary kerryeck was scheduled to return to to washington today for talks with chinese officials before his s wife fell ill. il new website putting information about the metro cara you ride in, right at your fingers tips.finger that is just ahead. a a milestone in an effort to repair the washington monumentim following the earthquake two years ago. ♪
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want want to know how old the metro car riding fo is. is. all you need to do is type the e number of metro car and voila, the approximate age of the carcr pops up.up for this we used the car metromo 101. we put the link on fox 5 is monitoring metro and we need your help. yr we would like for you to send us a story, idea or if you see see something happening, take a picture, video and you can can e-mail it to us here at fox 5 f metro at the metro monument, will be aglow, something we haven't seen in a the park services is holding aia ceremony to link the document as it under depose repairs from the 2011 earthquake. if you would like to view the te mon youment fomonument yourselfe
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cameras linked to the all overal the website. weite. it never gets old. >> i know, every time i dep go . i've been there 28 years, and ad i'm still amazed. >> i'm so excited, my sister iss coming to town and she will beh able to see it. it. >> you are back from vacation va and i am, too. >> fresh, good for you. you. >> i spent a nice time off, and apparently everybody was out of d.c. last week, because it took me 8 1/2 hours to get home tonight. a lot of people out of town. to. tonight because there's not as many storms hopefully you will l get around easier. ea the rooftops looking inviting. i would like to see where thattt was, if my hair wouldn't explode to a hair of cotton candy icand would depo ove go over there. tr today not as hot as yesterday, we got up to 87 degrees, dullesl 86, and bwi marshall at 86 as well. did you notice that the humidity was down just a little bit,
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hopefully you d but we spend soo much time in air-conditioningc this time of year sometimes aree you surprised when you step out. rain cooled in a few spotss earlier today but most of thet e storms have been down to the south, 82 degrees right now ingn the district, 85 in annapolis, 85 in fredricks during, and d.c. one of the warmer spots coming i in still with the 87 which is is our high temperature for the day. you know, we are still finding humidity that is noticeable, but not quite as uncomfortable as it has been other days, notice the dew point of 70 at culpeper, that might be uncomfortable.un d.c., we had activity movecoiv througithy earlier today whichyc knocked the temperature down and took a little bit of moisturemos out of the atmosphere.mosphe. we remain in a kind of a pattert that is going to feature chances not much to see at theun moment. we had activity that passed dow to the south. south. might be something trying toto form up, not too par west of leesburg, but these don't tend d to have a lot of lightning withh them.
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they have pretty food downpours, because they grab every available bit of moisture. there's one more piece of energn we are watching in the detroitdt area. that is going to swing to the te north we will keep an eye and make mae sure that doesn't grow anythingg isolated in our direction.ion. speaking of keeping an eye on on things, this is not a tropical l system put it's awfully close tl the united states, it's a uppere level low, we are going to watch this over the bahamas causingmaa rain and it may be driftingng closer to florida and bringing rain in. one more system to watch, tropical storm chantal has formed our third storm of theste season and pretty far south, too. this one is being investigated in even as we speak by the hurricane hunter, but the latesa thinking it's about 390 miles east, southeast of barbetta, moving rather brisky, with winds of 45, a little worried aboutabt this thing going across the island and across haiti because there's so many people that live
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in tents after what happenedr aa with the big earthquake in 2010. we will have to see what happens later in the week. might be spreading moisture inrn our direction. when you watch the seven day accuweather seven-day forecast, you will see that we have a chance for a shower or storm pretty much every day. widely scattered in the afternoon. i would say one day that might be more active would be on thursday and a few around around tomorrow afternoon, laura as well. no big surprises put the fact oa the matter since june first we e have had ten inches of rain, wee don't need anymore, we regular go get a little bit more.more. the redskins training campcp just around the corner, andorned today the media was invited around to the grand opening of the media in richmond. blam o
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124-z breaking information onbra the missing 7-year-old bob barnard is standing by withb the breaking details. >> reporter: d.c. police have e
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confirmed that the body of michael kibe kins bury has beenn dead in a car in an alley bhiebe the familbehindthe family home. there's folks, there's fourther apartments in that littlelittle building there. t it's behind that building thatit they found michael's body. we don't know exactly when they found it, but it was clear that they knew what it was, and that he was dead at about 5:42 this afternoon. police have created a wouldwould block perimeter here, they have the helicopter buzzed overhead.. there's been detective andtive police recruits here all day day looking for this little boy, but it wasn't until really just rel within the hour that we believee they have found them. there's been a lot of tears tear here, that was our first our f indication that this did not end well and d.c. police just ajust short time ago confirmed to us, that in fact, the search is over. little michael here is dead, an
6:24 pm
you can see folks coming out of family apartment, we have not ho seen his mom who was very very visible yesterday and today, al, day searching out for herself katrina. we're waiting to speak to other people who are here, who have been searching who have beenbeen missing this young boy. but officially from police, laura, it is that michael kins burgebury is dead and his body behind the house of westof wt virginia avenue here in d.c. d.. >> not the conclusion we were expecting. heartbreaking for that family,f, so we want to turn to richmond, and fox 5's lindsay murphy. murp we're going to do a one ir 180,s much better news out there, the red scothered canes
6:25 pm
redskins training >> reporter: for the first firs time since 2002, they will holdd training camp away from ash burn, virginia.rginia. july 25th is the first day the of practice, and the redskinsdss will enjoy two full size natura grass field are, a drill field, locker room and high-techh training room all features of this $10 million project.illionr today virginia governor bob mcdonnell, richmond mayor andand george guysman were guest gues speakers at the grand opening.op and the guysman had some words of rgiii. >> from my perspective, are you dealing with an ultra smart, ultra gifted athlete that is driven like few people have been around.ound. when they said his rehabilitation is ahead of schedule. i fully expect him to be dresses on monday night against the philadelphia eagles when the redskins open their season.eir i would be very, very surprisede if he is not. is >> reporter: there you have it. >> joe heisman, tonight, the
6:26 pm
tennis returns to d.c. as the kastles return.kastles a win tonight will equal the 71-72 lakers all time record off 33 consecutive wins. wins. tomorrow they could set a newa record. i talked with the owner about o the pressure associated withocih this streak. >> it becomes a thing into itself, when you're in thewhen n middle of t it adds a level ofll pressure that is not ordinarilyl there. i think it's there in the backh growrntiond but background, butr players have done a good all they can do is accept it and play their hardest. we don't try to talk about it too much but no way you can hide it. >> reporter: and finally the wizards have signed their out he picks and more on the training facility. >> now you have the news edge, of course the news is always on, see you tonight.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- >> "big brother" finally aired some of the racist comments. it turns out for half a million dollars, you can call some people anything. >> howard, he goes, i'm not to say anything because i'm afraid it's going to hurt my chances. >> you would ignore horribly racist comments because you can win half a million dollars.

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